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Portals are one of the leading success stories of e-business. When it comes to e-business applications, only e-commerce is used by more companies than portals. Companies utilize portals in many ways, including local community portals, communities by interest.

If you need powerful website for member-based organization, Community2U is the right solution. Our software provides the tools you need to create stronger connections with your members.

Community2U main features:
•    Announcements module
•    Free and commercial classified ads
•    Discussion forums
•    Directory of local business and organization websites
•    News module
•    Search facility

Registered community members can add, edit and update their profiles or ads.
You can allso add mass-mailing option to Community2U for sending news or announcements to registered users via e-mail.

Being a success on the web doesn’t mean that a business model once adopted cannot be changed. A successful portal is the right mix of business models, a dash of an online brokerage model (e-Bay) mixed with a trust enabler model (Paypal) and maybe even an online mall, whichever model is the most strategic and grants the maximum ROI.

Software for Shipping Companies

Specialized software for shipping companies with online autoquotation and reports
Online Booking Software

Software for online hotel's rooms and restaurant's tables booking
Software for Community Portals

A universal tool for multitask portals. Includes ads modul, announcements, catalog, photogallery and forum