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Shipping2U is a specialized shipping software designed in cooperation with shipping companies. This Customer Relations Management application for freight industry can be integrated with your website.  It is called to automate all shipping process, reduce operational costs and time and save your money. Easy to customize Shipping2U serves small as well as large shipping companies that operate in any sphere of transportation industry.
Shipping2U provides visitors of your website with instant auto quotation, including all discounts, customs, insurance and other charges in auto quotation.

To reduce the human work involved in the shipping process Shipping2U sends automatic follow-ups, simplifies requests processing, generates Bill of Lading, Packing List and other documents.

The list of customer documentation includes but isn’t limited by:

  • e-mail templates;
  • Packing Lists;
  • Delivery Lists;
  • SED Forms;
  • Bills of Lading;
  • Master Bills of Landing;

Reports provide comprehensive data on every aspect of your customer and business management. They are easy to use and include graphic representation of data to give clear picture about performance of your business. To track return on your investments Shipping2U offers ROI Reports It provides information about sources of your traffic and the percentage of visitors that actually convert to sales, thus ROI help to spend your advertising budget more wisely.

Mass Mailing also included as special feature. You can send personalized e-mails in bulk to a targeted group of your customers, thus promoting your business and services.

Key Features of Shipping2U

  • ROI Reports
  • Mass Mailing
  • Multi-User Access
  • Customer Management
  • Rates DB & Auto Quotation
  • Automatic Template


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