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Booking2U is a web based real-time table and room reservation application for all types of businesses. It’s easy to install and easy to use.

Hotels, motels, restaurants, etc., who cannot afford expensive reservations systems can now successfully offer on-line bookings. The ability to access from anywhere with standard web browser brings endless possibilities.

With Booking2U table reservations and room bookings can be made directly without human work. This drives sales whilst actually giving Managers more control over the volume and quality of reservations than is ever possible with a paper diary. Improve planning and bring your restaurant/hotel operation into the 21st century

Key Features of Booking2U:
- easy to integrate
- easy to understand and use
- easy customization
- email and sms notifications
- improved table management and room management
- efficient booking
- improved customercare
- confirmation of reservation
- multi-user
- multi-terminal
- multi-restaurant/hotel

All settings of the system can be done by yourself:
- uploading of a new table plan,
- pointing tables and hotel rooms available for online booking
- table seats
- beds in the room
- room description, photo and price.

Booking2U can serve one restaurant as well as the hotel networks. It is a cost-effective method for promoting your accommodation services or restaurant online.

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